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Demographics: Changing the Focus of A Country

I want to talk about why we should be concerned about immigration, particularly from Muslim countries.  Frankly, it’s all simple math.  When the majority of the population is different from the original ethnic mix, it changes the focus of the … Continue reading

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Forbes: NH Has Lowest Poverty in Nation Again

By the official definition of poverty in America, New Mexico has the nation’s highest poverty rate, 21.8 percent, while New Hampshire has the lowest, 6.6 percent. But a newer, more comprehensive measure of poverty by the U.S. Census Bureau tells a different story, with California … Continue reading

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Antifa ‘trying to tear down America’

“Once you start rewriting history of African-Americans in this country, you have to start rewriting history of discrimination against many, many other groups,” Dershowitz, who is an opinion contributor to The Hill, said Tuesday on “Fox & Friends.” “Look, we’re both … Continue reading

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Celebrate the WWII Ending Atomic Bombs for the Millions of Lives Saved

War is horrible.  People are killed, maimed, emotionally destroyed. Property is destroyed, wealth is consumed.  As we saw in WWI, even the winners lose in protracted wars.  As we’ve seen in Viet Nam and Iraq, trying to conduct a “gentle”, “compassionate”, … Continue reading

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Half of America’s Gun Homicides in 2015 were Clustered in 127 Cities and Towns

Half of America’s gun homicides in 2015 were clustered in just 127 cities and towns, according to a new geographic analysis by the Guardian, even though they contain less than a quarter of the nation’s population. Keep Reading… H/T Susan Olsen … Continue reading

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