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November 4th Antifa Goes to War

I know, they’ve been pretty violent up to this point, but now they have set a date for the actual revolution. I guess. ON NOVEMBER 4, 2017: We will gather in the streets and public squares of cities and towns across … Continue reading

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The Legacy of the N.H.-Maine Lobster War and Why It May Wage On

Off the coast of New Hampshire are the iconic Isles of Shoals. Somewhere around the middle of those isles is a dotted line — the state border between New Hampshire and Maine. As part of our series Surrounded in which … Continue reading

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Trump warns North Korea threats ‘will be met with fire and fury’

President Donald Trump on Tuesday warned North Korea about facing “fire and fury” if the isolated nation makes more threats against the United States. “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States,” Trump told reporters, speaking slowly and … Continue reading

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Celebrate the WWII Ending Atomic Bombs for the Millions of Lives Saved

War is horrible.  People are killed, maimed, emotionally destroyed. Property is destroyed, wealth is consumed.  As we saw in WWI, even the winners lose in protracted wars.  As we’ve seen in Viet Nam and Iraq, trying to conduct a “gentle”, “compassionate”, … Continue reading

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The All-Out War Against CNN

In response to CNN’s threat to expose a Reddit user’s identity, online researchers from 4chan who refer to themselves ‘weaponized autists’ have declared war on the network. In a post made on the 4th of July, an ‘anon’ (anonymous user) called fellow … Continue reading

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Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

It is imperative we begin emulating the left in its tactics. A couple of years ago, I suggested a completely different strategy: I wanted to pursue a kinder path. I wanted an end to the speech wars and social media … Continue reading

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After years of empty U.S. promises, Trump arms Kurds fighting ISIS in Syria

Finally, after years of dangerous dawdling the United States has actually begun arming Kurdish soldiers fighting ISIS in Syria. Weapons supplies had been stockpiled nearby in anticipation of President Trump’s go-ahead, which came Monday. The armament distributions, which the commander-in-chief … Continue reading

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Why Did America Fight the Vietnam War?

Why did America fight the Vietnam War? The military suffered over 58,000 casualties, and America withdrew in defeat. What for? Historian Victor Davis Hanson explains. | Prager U

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Get a Better Grip on the Convoluted War In Syria

This video is from Ezra Klein and Vox, but it is worth watching. They do an excellent job of explaining the timeline and who is involved with whom for what apparent reasons. More… | GraniteGrok

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