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Just When you Think the Left Can’t get Any More Stupid…

Just When you Think the Left Can’t get Any More Stupid…Along comes Zandra Rice-Hawkins of Granite State Progress (GSP) who says… “hold my beer.” | Keep Reading at GraniteGrok.com

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More Businesses Raise Wages, Give Bonuses in Wake of Tax Cuts

More businesses are announcing bonuses, higher minimum wages, and new benefits for employees after passage by Congress of Republicans’ tax reform bill.  | The Daily Signal

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New Hampshire Has the Highest Median Income in the US

For a state with no minimum wage the people who live here are doing rather well. The mean average hourly wage for the entire state rose from $22.62/hour in 2014 to $24.03/hour in the 2016 report (+6.2%). The mean entry level wage … Continue reading

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Trump rolls back racist Obama policy

For more than a half-century, federal law has banned racial and sexual discrimination. Employers are supposed to hire and promote based on ability, not skin tone or sex. President Obama, however, wanted employers to consider race and sex. President Trump … Continue reading

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NH construction company is fined $160,000

BOSTON — A New Hampshire construction company was fined more than $160,000 in restitution and penalties by the state of Massachussetts for failing to pay employees the proper wage and overtime for nine public works projects completed between 2014 and 2015. … Continue reading

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Seattle’s “Win” in the Fight for 15 is Costing Jobs, Hours, and lowering Paychecks

God, I love being right especially after watching progressive narrative monkey’s puke their Union/Democrat party minimum-wage-talking-points all over my comments section. Being right is the best. And when it comes to Seattle, right comes easy. This week’s Poster Child for Stupid Liberal … Continue reading

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NH Women’s Foundation insults women’s intelligence on ‘Equal Pay Day’

Today is “Equal Pay Day,” the day where Democrats like to demean women across the country by telling them they aren’t worth as much as their male counterparts in the workforce. It occurs every year and every year it’s the … Continue reading

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The (other) Picture of The Day

New Hampshire may have a chart just like this one, so with any luck someone will be kind enough to provide it. Until then this shows us what Ohio Education Association Union Employees make compared to the other suckers who “also pay taxes.” A theme repeated in every state most likley. Data is reported to be from the US Dept of Labor. Continue reading

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For Quite Some Time

..the public sectors union handlers, who are really nothing more than fat cat capitalists selling shares in human flesh for a profit in the from of a dues check each pay period, have fought against the tide to raise salaries, benefits, and keep jobs that must be paid for by the people going the opposite direction. Continue reading

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