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NH Women’s Foundation insults women’s intelligence on ‘Equal Pay Day’

Today is “Equal Pay Day,” the day where Democrats like to demean women across the country by telling them they aren’t worth as much as their male counterparts in the workforce. It occurs every year and every year it’s the … Continue reading

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Manchester ‘Officer of the Year’ ignored complaints about Derry ‘drug home’ rental

On Monday, Manchester Police Officer, Derek Cataldo, was awarded ‘Officer of the Year’ by the Manchester Police Department. This is the same officer who owns the home in Derry which was recently hit by a drive-by shooting. … Police acquired … Continue reading

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Out-of-state ‘dark money’ Organization Interfering with NH election law

Priorities USA Action is a left-wing super PAC that hides behind what the left likes to call “dark money.” They don’t have to report their donors. They do; however, have to report donations when it comes to elections and campaign … Continue reading

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