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Massachusetts Taxes Ride-Sharing to Pay Off Taxi Companies

Last year Massachusetts passed a law taxing ride-sharing services. A portion of the fee, according to the law, is diverted to Taxi companies, to develop “new technologies and advanced service, safety and operational capabilities.” | Read more at GraniteGrok.com

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Time to end turning back the clock?

A Massachusetts commission Wednesday voted that the Commonwealth look seriously at joining the Atlantic Time Zone, effectively establishing daylight savings time year-round and ending the practice of moving the setting clocks back in the fall and ahead in the spring. … Continue reading

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Substitute teacher takes knee in classroom during pledge of allegiance

LITTLETON, Mass. —A substitute school teacher took a knee while students in her class recited the Pledge of Allegiance Thursday and went on to discuss her political views. | Video

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Assisted Suicide On New Hampshire’s Southern Border?

Assisted suicide is up for discussion again at the Massachusetts State House – for the eighth time, according to the Boston Herald. The Joint Committee on Public Health held a public hearing on September 26 on a pair of bills “relative … Continue reading

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Next Stop For Assisted Suicide Legislation: Massachusetts

“This is life-or-death, people. Solidarity.” John Kelly of Not Dead Yet has made his way to a lot of places – including New Hampshire’s State House – to fight assisted suicide bills. He has had to fight in his own home state, … Continue reading

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Library grapples with borrowers trying to pay fines with Chuck E. Cheese tokens

DANVERS, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts library is reminding residents that Chuck E. Cheese tokens are not an acceptable form of payment for overdue book fines. Peabody Institute Library in Danvers, Massachusetts, posted on Facebook this week the library has … Continue reading

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N.H. lottery looks to grab piece of Mass. Keno pot

New Hampshire, which already cleans this state’s clock by siphoning away retail sales thanks to its lack of a sales tax, just delivered a one-two punch that landed squarely in Massachusetts’ solar plexus. Designed to take the air out of … Continue reading

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New Hampshire man arrested for allegedly flashing handgun during road rage incident

LEXINGTON – A New Hampshire man was arrested Thursday afternoon after he allegedly flashed a handgun at another driver during a road rage incident. The Massachusetts State Police said Matthew McKinney, 26, of Alexandria, New Hampshire was stopped and arrested as he tried … Continue reading

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NH woman sentenced for human trafficking in Massachusetts

SALEM, Massachusetts —A woman from Salem, New Hampshire, has been sentenced to seven to nine years in prison in Massachusetts for human trafficking and prostitution. Lori Barron was sentenced at Salem Superior Court for crimes committed in 2013 in Massachusetts. … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Man Sentenced for Laundering Proceeds from the Illegal Sale of Marijuana

BOSTON – A New Hampshire man was sentenced Friday, Aug. 11, 2017, in federal court in Boston for laundering the proceeds from illegal marijuana sales. Douglas Mercier, 49, of Pelham, N.H., was sentenced by U.S. Senior District Court Judge Mark … Continue reading

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