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Women’s March Bemoans Shutdown of Prostitution and Child Sex-Trafficking Site

Backpagecom CEO Carl Ferrer has rolled on his cofounders and executives admitting that he, “conspired with other Backpage principals … to find ways to knowingly facilitate the state-law prostitution crimes being committed by Backpage’s customers.”  The site is charged with money laundering, … Continue reading

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Why We Don’t Need to Study Decriminalizing Prostitution

The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to study decriminalizing prostitution at the behest of pro-prostitution activists. Some of our Representatives were manipulated into believing that decriminalizing the practice of the buying people for sex would be compassionate. In reality, … Continue reading

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The Darling Princess: Prostitution Law Enforcement

ederal and state law regarding prostitution differs slightly across the country. Except for a few counties in NV, most of the country prohibits prostitution. Prohibition means it’s illegal. The law may impose different consequences specifically for the various players involved. … Continue reading

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NH woman sentenced for human trafficking in Massachusetts

SALEM, Massachusetts —A woman from Salem, New Hampshire, has been sentenced to seven to nine years in prison in Massachusetts for human trafficking and prostitution. Lori Barron was sentenced at Salem Superior Court for crimes committed in 2013 in Massachusetts. … Continue reading

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Operation Poison Ivy’ Prostitution Bust Snatches 10

Six women and four men were arrested in Manchester yesterday and this morning as the department’s patrol and special enforcement divisions continue to work to “improve the quality of life for residents,” according to police. | More… | Patch

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6 Charged in Connection With Manchester, New Hampshire, Prostitution Sting

Six people were arrested in connection with a prostitution sting in New Hampshire on Wednesday. Manchester police say five people face prostitution-related charges, including four men who approached an undercover officer and a woman who offered an undercover detective sex … Continue reading

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NH Madam Found Guilty On Human Trafficking, Prostitution Charges

A New Hampshire woman has been found guilty of human trafficking and other charges in a Massachusetts court, according to the Essex County District Attorney’s Office. Lori Barron, 54, of Salem, NH, was convicted of three counts of human trafficking, … Continue reading

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‘Client list’ entered into evidence in accused NH madam’s trial

A prosecutor Friday revealed a database of names, personal descriptions and contact information on some 1,660 people kept in cellphone and computer files by accused Merrimack Valley madam Lori Ann Barron. … Barron, 54, a Salem, New Hampshire, mother, is … Continue reading

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Nashua Resident Charged with Running Brothel

Police have released few details, but the establishment’s grand opening was promoted on Backpage.com from Aug. 21. The announcement promises relief for pain that will relax your body and mind and the acceptance of cash only. More… | Patch

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Local Prostitutes Get Hammered

Two local women were arrested on prostitution charges as part of an Operation Granite Hammer sweep in Nashua this week, according to police. Arrested during the sweep were Amber Barton, 18, pictured left, of Waterville Drive in Merrimack, and Crystal … Continue reading

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