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Women’s March Bemoans Shutdown of Prostitution and Child Sex-Trafficking Site

Backpagecom CEO Carl Ferrer has rolled on his cofounders and executives admitting that he, “conspired with other Backpage principals … to find ways to knowingly facilitate the state-law prostitution crimes being committed by Backpage’s customers.”  The site is charged with money laundering, … Continue reading

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NH Women’s March 2018: Same Hypocrisy, Ignorance and Hatred on Display as Last Year

Today, left-wing organizations rallied together to hold another “Women’s March” in Concord. This year’s rally was vastly smaller than last year’s rally but the sentiments were the same. It seems the people in attendance simply hate President Trump and are protesting his … Continue reading

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The Perils of Postmodern Progressivism

Imagine my shock when I found out that the pussy-hat brigade was planning yet another “woman’s march” to protest the anniversary of the inauguration of our lawfully elected president.  | More at PJ Media H/T GraniteGrok

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Women’s March Ditching Pussyhats Cuz of “Men”

The pink hand-knitted tea-cozy market is about to get flooded. Women’s March organizers are moving away from the iconic “pussyhat” because it may be offensive to trans women who don’t have female genitalia. Just so we are clear, the Women’s March wants … Continue reading

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Women’s March Recommends Harvey Donations Go To Non-Whites

The Women’s March is encouraging people to donate to organizations that specifically help non-white groups after Hurricane Harvey. In a tweet Tuesday, Women’s March said, “here’s a list of organizations working to keep immigrant, Black, Latinx, & other communities safe … Continue reading

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Law-abiding gun owners bad, convicted cop killers good

A group attempting to convince Americans that a National Rifle Association advertisement was a “direct endorsement of violence” wished a convicted cop killer a happy birthday this week. As unbelievable as the tone-deafness seems, this is just the latest proof … Continue reading

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