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Women’s March Recommends Harvey Donations Go To Non-Whites

The Women’s March is encouraging people to donate to organizations that specifically help non-white groups after Hurricane Harvey. In a tweet Tuesday, Women’s March said, “here’s a list of organizations working to keep immigrant, Black, Latinx, & other communities safe … Continue reading

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Liberal Hypocrisy – Women

Yup – not a single female in that group shot.  Not one.  Not a small baby, nor a toddler, child, teen-ager, or young or senior adult? Yeah, me neither.  Yet do you ever see or hear of these same liberals … Continue reading

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Sounds Sexist: Dem political committee formed to support women candidates

Another funnel for outside money? The committee, known as GROW – Granite Staters Reaching Out to Women – plans to reach out to a diverse cross-section of New Hampshire women to increase the number of progressive women office holders in … Continue reading

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@dunkirkmovie feels like an excuse for men to celebrate maleness—and don’t they get to do that enough already?

.@dunkirkmovie feels like an excuse for men to celebrate maleness—and don't they get to do that enough already? — Marie Claire (@marieclaire) July 28, 2017

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This is disturbing on so many levels I haven’t a clue as where to begin

You know a feminist really hates any human with a ‘Y’ chromosome when she publicly condemns her sons as rapists and sexists because they will no longer endure her constant emotional abuse. Not that they’ve actually done anything wrong. But she apparently hates the … Continue reading

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The Next Dr. Who is a Woman: Jodie Whittaker Announced As 13th Time Lord In BBC Series

Actress Jodie Whittaker will portray Dr. Who in the next season of the beloved BBC series, succeeding Peter Capaldi and becoming the first woman to play the role. The BBC announced the move after Sunday’s Wimbledon men’s final. “It’s more … Continue reading

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Feminist Magazine Explains Why You Must Not Gender Your Pets

If you thought the trans nutty femineurotic left had leaped all the sharks you’d be wrong. The feminazi webazinette Medusa Magazine, the same publication that thinks white abortion is the solution to the problem of white supremacy, has published a plea to all pet owners. Don’t Gender … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Democrat Women Should Run on ‘Jihad!’

Women’s pussy-hat March co-chair Linda Sarsour has called for “jihad” against President Trump. I’m no expert but haven’t the Democrats/Media been proudly engaged in one of those since the day after the Election? Democrats should run on jihad, especially the … Continue reading

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All Male Club at Harvard Rethinks Gender Neutrality and Expels Female Members

One of Harvard University’s best known clubs has effectively expelled nine women, ending a two-year experiment ultimately prompted by activists who want to make campus groups gender-neutral. The Fox Club, whose notable past members include British essayist T.S. Elliot and … Continue reading

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Kevin Kervick Comments on “aborting all white babies to rid the world of white supremacy”

In this video, I provide commentary from an article that looks inside the mind of a totalitarian gender feminist. This author, Nicole Valentine, is proposing her strategy for ridding the world of white supremacy. White women should only have sex … Continue reading

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