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NH Women’s March 2018: Same Hypocrisy, Ignorance and Hatred on Display as Last Year

Today, left-wing organizations rallied together to hold another “Women’s March” in Concord. This year’s rally was vastly smaller than last year’s rally but the sentiments were the same. It seems the people in attendance simply hate President Trump and are protesting his … Continue reading

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Hassan and Shaheen to Attend Dinner Revering ‘Serial Sexual Assaulter’

Tonight, New Hampshire Democrats will hold their annual dinner at which they honor two womanizing philanderers, one of whom was accused by multiple women of sexual assault, including rape. The annual Kennedy-Clinton dinner will take place in Hollis and Democrats … Continue reading

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Liberal Hypocrisy – Women

Yup – not a single female in that group shot.  Not one.  Not a small baby, nor a toddler, child, teen-ager, or young or senior adult? Yeah, me neither.  Yet do you ever see or hear of these same liberals … Continue reading

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Study Shows Senate Dems Don’t Practice The Diversity They Demand of Others

Democrats pride themselves on diversity and inclusiveness, so we might expect to see a united colors of Benneton ad in the Senate yearbook.  But we’d be wrong. According to the Washington Post, they have seen a report released by Senate Minority … Continue reading

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Democrat Hypocrisy on Firing Comey

H/T Susan Olsen

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Got Civility? The “Beheading Sarah Palin” Edition

The most recent rhetorical left-wing bridge to nowhere comes courtesy of a wide-brush narrative that swept across the progressive talking points the way “teenage girls falling in love with bad-boy vampires” recently consumed the media-verse. Continue reading

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