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What if I’m Wrong About Everything?

What if I’m wrong about everything I know about life and about God and the Bible? … If it is not true, millions of people have shared an experience that cannot be fully explained by natural means. We have felt … Continue reading

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Why We Don’t Need to Study Decriminalizing Prostitution

The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to study decriminalizing prostitution at the behest of pro-prostitution activists. Some of our Representatives were manipulated into believing that decriminalizing the practice of the buying people for sex would be compassionate. In reality, … Continue reading

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Darlene Pawlik: What is Human Trafficking

n the simplest terms, human trafficking is the exploitation of a person for the purpose of forced labor, sexual exploitation or obtaining their organs, for the benefit of another whether by force, fraud or coercion. The exploitation of others has … Continue reading

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Forgiveness is the very best Christmas gift. For those of us who have suffered significant trauma at the hands of people who should have been our caretakers, this seems like an impossible task. The core violation of long term child … Continue reading

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Decision Fatigue

Maybe you’ve seen this phrase, Reach out this season. It has been written in other words, but the appeals that come this time of year can create decision fatigue. How do we decide who to give our time, energy, and … Continue reading

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Planned Parenthood is a business that preys on distressed people, destroying their children, using a circular business model. Business is Business It has been my experience and long held opinion that any business model should include retention of customers and … Continue reading

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I was conceived by rape and I am pain capable. The Pain Capable Unborn Child protection Act, sponsored by Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell would prohibit the brutal practice of late term abortion most of the time. Really? Not really. … Continue reading

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Trent Franks says he’s 100% pro-life, but he has sponsored bills with exceptions. Take HR 36. It is the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. This same bill was introduced a few years ago without exceptions, then they were inserted. He still pushed … Continue reading

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Darlene Pawlik: My Treasure from Sex trafficking

I was groomed at 13 and sold for the first time on my 14th birthday. My trafficker was a man with a cue of girls in various stages of grooming or engagement in prostitution. He was charming. He’d be called … Continue reading

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At the doors of the abortionists, we plead, we weep, we offer hope

I do think there is a place for showing the world the reality of abortion, similar to that of Emmet Till’s casket demonstrated the horror of violence against people of color in the 1950’s. But as a nation we’ve been traumatized by … Continue reading

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