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What if I’m Wrong About Everything?

What if I’m wrong about everything I know about life and about God and the Bible? … If it is not true, millions of people have shared an experience that cannot be fully explained by natural means. We have felt … Continue reading

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A Visitor From the Past

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New Hampshire’s Most Hated Topic: God

Here’s a dating app for you. It’s called Hater. It operates under the premise that people who hate the same things are more likely to form a strong bond. So much for NOH8, right, because dollars to doughnuts says the overwhelming majority … Continue reading

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Government As God

For as long as I can recall the New Hampshire Democrat Party has been using the “Press Release” to make up crap about people, misrepresent the words they use, change the meaning of their words, or in some cases creating out of whole cloth whatever perception they think will advance their clawing obsession with accumulating political power Continue reading

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