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Still a boondoggle: Sununu flip-flops on commuter rail

As an executive councilor, Chris Sununu called the Capitol Corridor project a boondoggle, and voted against a $4 million “study” that would pay for initial design work and financial planning for extending commuter rail from Nashua to Concord. As governor, … Continue reading

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SpaceX has credible competition rocketing its way

SpaceX is Elon Musk’s rocket firm that is now known for having the first rocket that has now landed successfully and then reused for another mission.  However, creeping up its tail is founder Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin.

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Massachusetts Taxes Ride-Sharing to Pay Off Taxi Companies

Last year Massachusetts passed a law taxing ride-sharing services. A portion of the fee, according to the law, is diverted to Taxi companies, to develop “new technologies and advanced service, safety and operational capabilities.” | Read more at

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For-Profit Passenger Rail Plan Needs Public Money and Why Freight Rail is the Future

This morning Rich and I spent the segment talking about a so-called for-profit private passenger rail plan with a hitch. This private for-profit plans to tap million in taxpayer dollars annually but can only get them if municipalities like Nashua sign up … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Among 6 States to Receive “Help” to Urbanize

On September 7, 2017, an NGO (special interest group) by the name of Smart Growth America announced that it is going to ‘help’ the Departments of Transportation of six chosen states. New Hampshire is among the chosen. | More… | Granite … Continue reading

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