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A Conflict of Interests: The Online Presence of Government Officials

Rich started the segment by talking about “real Americans” and commenting on how best to utilize taxpayer dollars, … He then commented on a Union Leader article concerning the ACLU’s involvement in an ex- firefighter’s suit concerning online comments.  He … Continue reading

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Revisionist History: Candia School Board and the Transgender Policy

Rich talked about the controversy surrounding the Candia School Board and the transgender policy.  He discussed Kim Royer’s tallying of positions and tackled claims of intentional bias.  “It’s breathtaking in its dishonesty and stupidity” he said in reference to her decision … Continue reading

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A Question of Voter Fraud: Fake Registries in Indiana

Rich was joined by Ed Naile of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers to talk about a possible case of voter fraud in Indiana. They talked about a woman named Holiday Burke, whose name is registered 3 times, with different … Continue reading

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Manchester Overrides Tax Cap Again

Tempers flared, recriminations reverberated, spinsters spun, playgrounds were threatened and vetoes flew and were overridden as Manchester’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen settled the city’s spending plan for the coming fiscal year a mere two hours before the budget proposed … Continue reading

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Executive Councilor David Wheeler Discusses the Fetal Homicide Bill

Rich talked about Senate Bill 66, or the fetal homicide bill, explaining what it entails to the listeners.  He was then joined by Executive Councilor David Wheeler, who aimed to share the legal, political and moral standpoints from his perspective. … Continue reading

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Chief Willard: Addressing panhandling within the city of Manchester.

Let me begin by saying that not every challenge is easily resolved. When it comes to panhandling in our city this sentiment holds true. A good police department is responsive to the needs of the community it serves, and all … Continue reading

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Girard At Large On-Air News Read June 6, 2017

The Manchester Board of Mayor and Aldermen, along with several of its committees, will meet in the Aldermanic Chambers at City Hall starting at four, when the Committee on Lands and Buildings will review sixteen properties taken by the city … Continue reading

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