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Lame Duck Carol Shea-Porter Signs on To Latest “Assault Weapons” Ban

Democrat New Hampshire district one congressmember Carol Shea-Porter has signed on as a co-sponsor of a bill to ban “assault weapons.”  In a press release, she said that “gun massacres” increased by 183 percent after the federal ban expired in 2004. “One … Continue reading

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Coming Out of the Woodwork To Replace Shea-Porter

The 2018 elections are a year away, but you would never know that from all the political activity in the Granite State in the last few days. Tuesday’s election saw major gains for Democrats sweeping the top three elected positions … Continue reading

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Gun Control, Carol Shea Porter’s Retirement and Replacing Speaker Jasper

Rich talked to Kimberly Morin of NH Political Buzz for Politically Buzzed.  Kimberly tackled the push to ban bump stocks and criticisms towards gun control ideologies in light of the tragic shooting in Las Vegas.  She then addressed the retiring of Carol Shea Porter and the search to replace Speaker Jasper. … Continue reading

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Shea-Porter Chastises Trump For Stopping Illegal Bailout Money To Big Insurance

Not long after we shared the news that Mr. Trump was ending illegal handouts to insurance companies, lame-duck New Hampshire Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter is criticizing him for it. |Read More at GraniteGrok

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Breaking: Carol Shea Porter Will Retire After this Term

A smidge more here…

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Doubling down: Shea-Porter attacks two amendments

For decades, gun control advocates have used every tragedy to push for unworkable, unpopular, unconstitutional laws that won’t do anything to deter murderers. But New Hampshire Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter was not content to merely attack the 2nd Amendment. She also … Continue reading

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Gardner fires back, won’t quit Trump voter panel

CONCORD — Secretary of State Bill Gardner fired back in an escalating war of words with the state’s entire congressional delegation over claims voter fraud played any role in the narrow New Hampshire Primary victories last November. All four Democrats … Continue reading

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