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Charming Keene official invites me to public meeting, right before I get ejected

‘ Ian Freeman of FreeKeeene.com reports that “Upon visiting with one of the college directors in his office…I was told that not even KSC students may hand out fliers on campus!” He’s referring to Keene State College, but the reported … Continue reading

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Did Keene State College delay permissions for libertarian table?

‘ In 2012, Keene State College sends police after radio host Ian Freeman. They issue him a no-trespass order for handing out flyers without permission on the publicly funded campus. This is caught on video; see the description. | RidleyReport

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Meet Super-enfranchised Keene Student Voter Lily M. Dawson

Lily M. Dawson of 5 Mohawk Drive, Clinton, Ct. 06413-2012 has some surprises for our informal New Hampshire jury of legally registered voters. Are you ready ladies and gentlemen of the jury? | More at Granitegrok.com

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Keene State College Enrollment Problem Solved?

Keene State College has been running deficits. Budget cuts are an annual feature as enrollment declines. But the State University System is coming to the rescue. | Keep Reading at GraniteGrok.com

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Keene State Looks to Reassure Students With Video Conference

KEENE, N.H. (AP) — Keene State College’s interim president will host a video chat for prospective students and their families next week. Interim president Melinda Treadwell tells New Hampshire Public Radio she wants to be direct with parents about the future of … Continue reading

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Keene State Changed its Parking Policy

Parking permits are not around just to create revenue for KSC or to give Campus Safety an excuse to write tickets. Crossman said parking permit numbers can also allow Campus Safety to contact someone if his or her car is … Continue reading

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Keene State College interim president details difficult spending-cut process

After a weeks-long review process that led to $7.5 million in cuts, Keene State College received a finalized budget Friday. Departments began the fall semester a few weeks ago without final budgets, a situation several faculty members described as a … Continue reading

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Keene State professor on How to Talk to Students About Charlottesville

“…as the school year gets underway, teachers in cities and towns across New Hampshire are preparing to talk with students about what happened in Charlottesville. Tom White, coordinator of educational outreach for the Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies … Continue reading

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Student Journalists Accuse Keene State College Of Blocking Access To Staff

There’s been a public dispute going on in Keene over the rights of student journalists. This is all playing out at Keene State College, where editors at the student-run newspaper say administrators have been limiting access to faculty and staff … Continue reading

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