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Keene School Deliberative Session. Lowest attendance on record

After a sparsely attended deliberative session Saturday, two petition warrant articles will go onto the Keene School District’s ballot with significant amendments. A range of other proposals, including a collective bargaining agreement for principals and supervisors and appropriations for building … Continue reading

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My Pullover, Trial, and Sentencing for “Misuse of Plates”

In April of 2017 Darryl and I were traveling back to Keene from Taco Beyondo in Hillsborough (they accept Bitcoin Core and DASH, by the way) and were waylaid by four armed, uniformed men. They surrounded the car and issued a written … Continue reading

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New Hampshire City Council Wades into Net Neutrality Fray

(TNS) — Stepping into a charged national debate over Internet regulation, a Keene, N.H., city council committee Wednesday signaled its opposition to the federal government’s recent repeal of so-called net neutrality rules. | Keep Reading at Govtech.com

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Is it safe to be a dissident in Keene City Hall?

| RidleyReport

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Keene Recognized as Top Bitcoin City by FoodTruckOperator.com

In the summer of 2016, Isabelle Rose launched her Keene, NH food truck, “Bon Vivant Gourmet Street Foods”, serving delicious Vietnamese food. From the beginning she was accepting Bitcoin! Though she’s closed for the winter and planning to open a sit-down … Continue reading

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Keene Mosque Now Open, Holds First Prayer of Jummah

Masha’Allah! It’s been months in the making and there have been some interesting bumps in the road, but the initial renovations are complete and New Hampshire’s first full-time mosque is now open! | Keep Reading at Free Keene

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Keene State professor files suit against city over students’ right-to-know requests

A Keene State College journalism professor has filed a lawsuit against the city, alleging staff improperly denied right-to-know requests filed by several students. Marianne Salcetti teaches a public affairs reporting class that tasks students with filing requests for public information … Continue reading

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Civil Disobedience Thanksgiving Held at Keene, NH Mosque Under City Threats

Apparently undeterred by their recent, unsurprising loss at the NH Supreme Court for their attempt to crush the free speech rights of the Robin Hooders for feeding expired parking meters, the City of Keene gang is now trying to crush the right to religion and … Continue reading

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NH: Keene civics vid faces censorhip attempt

Dear RidleyReport, This is to notify you that we have received a privacy complaint from an individual regarding your content: | RidleyReport

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Imam Accused of Being Drunk by City of Keene Bureaucrat!

Will Coley, Imam of the soon-to-open MALIC Center in Keene, NH recently made the mistake of asking permission to put up a sign for the mosque he’s opening in Keene. Realizing that asking for permission only gives bureaucrats reasons to create … Continue reading

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