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Gov’t more at fault than guns for Florida high school massacre than gun control

54% of American Adults believe the failure of government agencies to respond to numerous warning signs from the prospective killer is more to blame for the mass shooting. Thirty-three percent (33%) attribute the deaths more to a lack of adequate gun … Continue reading

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Protect Schools or You’re Choosing to Let Children be Killed

After horrible shootings like at Parkland, it’s understandable that people might cast about thoughtlessly blaming people and demanding quick “solutions.”  Unfortunatel, leftist solutions so loudly and immediately promoted as “common sense” gun controls wouldn’t have prevented or stopped these attacks, and leftists … Continue reading

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How Progressive Policy May Have Cost 17 People Their Lives

The culture question will continue to dominate our discussion as we work our way through why a troubled kid shot up a school.  But Democrat-Progressive policy may have some part to play as well. | Keep Reading at GraniteGrok

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“Gun didn’t change. We changed.”

So, the Media and entertainment culture is to blame. WATCH: Washington sheriff after latest school shooting: “You started glorifying cultures of violence — you’ve glorified the gang culture, you’ve glorified games that actually give you points for raping and killing people. … Continue reading

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Teen Killed in Goffstown Shooting a student at Memorial High

Girard at Large has learned that the person killed outside of the Ace Hardware store in downtown Goffstown was student at Manchester’s Memorial High School. | More at Girard at Large

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Texas shooting: Gun restrictions help yet another bad guy

| RidleyReport

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Security at New Hampshire Music Venues Reevaluated in Aftermath of Las Vegas Shooting

The recent attack on a country music festival in Las Vegas that left 59 people dead and over 500 injured has prompted a reevaluation of how to maintain public safety at concert venues in the Granite State. The locations of … Continue reading

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Kimberly Morin Discusses Las Vegas Shooting and House Bill 628

Rich talked to Kimberly Morin of NH Political Buzz for Politically Buzzed. Kimberly and Rich addressed the shooting that occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada last night. They began by discussing the weapon that was used the politics behind the situation, … Continue reading

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State probes fatal officer-involved shooting at Belmont gas station

BELMONT — A 46-year-old Belmont man recently indicted for attempted aggravated felonious sexual assault was shot and killed Saturday following an incident with a Belmont police officer, law enforcement sources said.Joseph Mazzitelli, whose last known address is listed as 11 Dock … Continue reading

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Trial Begins for Former Windsor Police Officer Accused in Shooting

White River Junction — Opening statements in the trial of a former Windsor police officer accused of unlawfully shooting a man in Windsor in 2014 wrapped up this morning on the first day of his trial on charges of aggravated assault with … Continue reading

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