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Grover Norquist Speech 12/12/17

Dedicated tax fighters who braved the weather were excited to hear Grover speak last Tuesday night. Over 120 persons RSVPd for the event, but inclement weather (snow and freezing rain) held attendance down. Grover and ATR staff member Miriam Roff arrived … Continue reading

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Granite State Taxpayers Supports Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (H.R. 1) is scheduled for a vote this week. The House is expected to vote on the bill Tuesday 12/19/17. The bill would then go to the Senate for a vote. If passed, the … Continue reading

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Don’t Let The Title Fool You – NH HB1566 is “AN ACT Prohibiting Firearms”

Delmar Burridge is the lone sponsor of HB1566. And act prohibiting open carry of a firearm in certain public places. But the title is misleading because the language of the bill suggests a different goal entirely. The trouble begins right out of … Continue reading

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Two Restrictive Firearms Bills (HB 1566, HB 1406) 2018

HB 1566, introduced by Rep. Delmar Burridge (D-Cheshire 16) would ban the carrying of firearms in many areas of the state. HB 1566 is a frontal assault on your right to bear arms. Rep. Timothy Horrigan (D-Strafford 6) has introduced HB … Continue reading

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A list to Annoy Liberals (Trigger Warning)

[T]he most powerful person in the White House Press Office (a woman) wants to know what was the most under-reported story of Mr. Trumps first year in office?| More at GraniteGrok.com

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Help to pass nationwide concealed carry!

H.R. 38 will make your New Hampshire pistol / revolver license valid in the other 49 states and is a very important bill for New Hampshire firearms owners because it will enable you to travel, by car, anywhere in the … Continue reading

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Someday’s here; now what?

My neighbors’ generators hum in the background as I rummage through a pile of work assignments in search of one I can perform without benefit of internet. The power’s out, after an overnight storm. As a freelance writer and researcher, … Continue reading

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NH’s drug monitoring program a mess

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A new audit finds that New Hampshire is falling short of its efforts to keep tabs on opioid prescription patterns. The Concord Monitor reports that a legislative audit finds the state’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program has been poorly … Continue reading

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