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NH KENO Sales Exceed Expectations

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — The state says that thousands of customers generated close to $40,000 in the first day of KENO 603 sales. Customers bought over 5,800 tickets at nearly 40 locations statewide with the first drawings held Friday. Players … Continue reading

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“Many parents cannot afford private schools; SB-193 will help”

If a contractor did a good job for you but a bad job for your neighbor would you force your neighbor to keep rehiring the same contractor? Would you tell your neighbor to hire a second contractor to follow the … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Crypto-Wealthy Libertarians, Voluntarists, and Anarchists

With $1 trillion market cap for all cryptocurrency on the horizon, it’s pretty clear a bunch of voluntarist/anarchists/libertarians have access to unprecedented wealth – if not now, very soon. If achieving liberty in your lifetime is important to you and you have … Continue reading

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Josiah Bartlett: Attack of the Turnspike

“…the toll hike is not about fixing red-list bridges. Those bridges are outside the turnpike system. The red-list bridges would be a small part of this plan and it doesn’t guarantee their funding. They would get $32 million (years from … Continue reading

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Reporter: “What are President Trump’s Flaws?” Sarah Huckabee Sanders Answers…

.@PeterAlexander: "What are President Trump's flaws?" Sanders: "Probably that he has to deal with you guys on a daily basis" pic.twitter.com/1cU0QnqnTb — NBC News (@NBCNews) November 1, 2017 | More at Townhall.com

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Did crypto hooker startup try to bribe reporter with “free” date?

| RidleyReport

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Ed Naile: Jury Duty for Thee, But Not For Me

The ridiculous claim that anyone, from anywhere, without any identification, can vote in New Hampshire in a Federal Election simply by “intending” in his mind, to become lawfully domiciled or abandon a previous domicile, has created two distinct classes of … Continue reading

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Skip Murphy: Technical Difficulties – thanks for your patience!

I messed up in trying to institute a change (on GraniterGrok.com)– and blew it up. Thanks to Carolyn McKinney and the Support team at Nexcess in picking, choosing, advancing, falling back in trying to “scalpel” it.  Thank the good Lord … Continue reading

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