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NH KENO Sales Exceed Expectations

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — The state says that thousands of customers generated close to $40,000 in the first day of KENO 603 sales. Customers bought over 5,800 tickets at nearly 40 locations statewide with the first drawings held Friday. Players … Continue reading

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“Many parents cannot afford private schools; SB-193 will help”

If a contractor did a good job for you but a bad job for your neighbor would you force your neighbor to keep rehiring the same contractor? Would you tell your neighbor to hire a second contractor to follow the … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Crypto-Wealthy Libertarians, Voluntarists, and Anarchists

With $1 trillion market cap for all cryptocurrency on the horizon, it’s pretty clear a bunch of voluntarist/anarchists/libertarians have access to unprecedented wealth – if not now, very soon. If achieving liberty in your lifetime is important to you and you have … Continue reading

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Josiah Bartlett: Attack of the Turnspike

“…the toll hike is not about fixing red-list bridges. Those bridges are outside the turnpike system. The red-list bridges would be a small part of this plan and it doesn’t guarantee their funding. They would get $32 million (years from … Continue reading

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Reporter: “What are President Trump’s Flaws?” Sarah Huckabee Sanders Answers…

.@PeterAlexander: "What are President Trump's flaws?" Sanders: "Probably that he has to deal with you guys on a daily basis" pic.twitter.com/1cU0QnqnTb — NBC News (@NBCNews) November 1, 2017 | More at Townhall.com

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Did crypto hooker startup try to bribe reporter with “free” date?

| RidleyReport

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Ed Naile: Jury Duty for Thee, But Not For Me

The ridiculous claim that anyone, from anywhere, without any identification, can vote in New Hampshire in a Federal Election simply by “intending” in his mind, to become lawfully domiciled or abandon a previous domicile, has created two distinct classes of … Continue reading

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