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No Snowflakes, HB 372 is Not a Poll Tax

The problem with the poll tax argument is that HB 372 does not require the payment of any tax or fee or fine to vote.  Even if you failed to pay your property taxes, or failed to register your car, … Continue reading

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Renny Cushing: It’s time to end the failed war on weed

Back in the last century, when I was a boy growing up in Hampton, a number of things that were considered “social evils” were prohibited by state law and local ordinance. Gambling and “intoxicating spirits” were two of the vices … Continue reading

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Estimated gun sales up 30 percent in November

Dealers processed more than 2.3 million applications through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System in November — a 17 percent increase over October. Estimated gun sales — the sum total of transfers in the NICS’s handgun, long gun, multiple … Continue reading

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Volcanoes In New Hampshire?

Scientists have been monitoring seismic activity in the New England region for the past two years, with the swelling of magma mostly detected underneath central Vermont, western Massachusetts and western New Hampshire. | Keep Reading at News.Sky.com

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Dog shoots NH hunter after another hunter leaves shotgun on ground

On Wednesday, 36-year-old William Rancourt was shot when a hunting dog stepped on the trigger of a shotgun lying on the ground nearly 22 yards away from the man, causing the gun to fire, a news release from the Iowa Department … Continue reading

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Pope Francis Suggests Changing The Words To The ‘Lord’s Prayer’

Pope Francis isn’t pleased with the words to the Lord’s Prayer — specifically, the part about temptation. In an interview with an Italian TV network, the pontiff said that the current language of the Our Father prayer “is not a good translation.” … Continue reading

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Stench of Bat Feces Forces NH School to Close Classrooms

The stench of bat feces has forced a New Hampshire elementary school to close eight classrooms and work on repairs. Nashua’s The Telegraph newspaper reports a teacher first noticed the odor around Nov. 21 at the James Mastricola Upper Elementary … Continue reading

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