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New Hampshire Senators Oppose Turnpike Toll Hike

Concord, NH – The Governor’s Advisory Commission on Intermodal Transportation (GACIT) held a public hearing on Monday regarding the Department of Transportation plan for a statewide toll hike. Senate President Chuck Morse (R-Salem), Senate Transportation Committee Chairman Regina Birdsell (R-Hampstead), Senator Kevin Avard (R-Nashua) and Senator Andy … Continue reading

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N.H. drivers licenses now have randomized numbers to make ID theft more difficult

New Hampshire is now randomizing drivers license numbers to help protect privacy online, but there’s no need to replace an existing license that carries an old number based on your name and birth date. The change, which went into effect in … Continue reading

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Statewide Voter Checklist Info – From Vermont

Here is what I get from Vermont every month for free: a copy of an updated VOTER CHECKLIST. So why is NH’s voter database secret? Taxpayers should be asking that question. | CNHT

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Vermin Supreme can bring ponies to Clinton event

Vermin Supreme, who ran as a Democrat in 2016, wears a rubber boot on his head and once threw glitter at another lesser-known candidate during a debate. He asked a federal judge Friday to compel Concord to issue him a … Continue reading

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Baseless Histrionics Over School Staffing

Your school board has indicated it wants to cut administrators and the budget.  Even though we regularly see surpluses in the $2 million range, a suggestion that we hold flat our budget and cut it by our surplus was met … Continue reading

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Family Profile: Homeschool Successes

Education is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Educational options, particularly homeschooling, allow families to customize education to fit each child’s individual needs. As part of our occasional Family Profile series, we asked New Hampshire home-educating families to share their success stories … Continue reading

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Manchester Pays $89,000 in Lawsuit Challenging Anti-Panhandling Practices

The City of Manchester has paid $89,000 to settle a federal civil rights lawsuit brought by the ACLU of New Hampshire (“ACLU-NH”) and New Hampshire Legal Assistance (“NHLA”) on behalf of Theresa Petrello challenging Manchester’s anti-panhandling practices. | Keep Reading … Continue reading

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From ATTWN: Sidewalk Advocacy, Through the Eyes of the Workers

And Then There Were None has just released its latest short video, and you’re encouraged to share it on whatever platforms you use. Here, a few former abortion industry workers share their thoughts on what pro-life witness looked like to them … Continue reading

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