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Twitter: We Used To Believe In Free Speech But Not So Much Anymore

Business Insider reports that a Twitter executive named Sinead McSweeney spoke to British politicians Tuesday and made clear that the company no longer believes the answer to bad speech is more speech. Instead, McSweeney says Twitter is now on a “journey” … Continue reading

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Keene State Looks to Reassure Students With Video Conference

KEENE, N.H. (AP) — Keene State College’s interim president will host a video chat for prospective students and their families next week. Interim president Melinda Treadwell tells New Hampshire Public Radio she wants to be direct with parents about the future of … Continue reading

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Governor Sununu: No Toll Increase

NH Governor Chris Sununu announced that he’s stopping an effort to increase road tolls in the state. The toll increase was scheduled to be voted on next month by the Executive Council. The governor now says he won’t be putting … Continue reading

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Get ready for 2020 first-in-nation primary campaign to begin

HERE THEY COME. It’s like clockwork. Every midterm election year, the New Hampshire first-in-the-nation primary campaign gets underway – informally if not officially – and 2018 will be no exception, as candidates stop by to help New Hampshire candidates while also … Continue reading

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Democrat Rep. Katherine Rogers Pleads Guilty To Assault Charge

The 2017 ‘Humane Legislator of the Year’ entered a guilty plea to avoid jail time for assaulting Conservative activist Susan Olsen. CONCORD, NH — A local Democrat and state representative pleaded guilty this morning to assaulting a political opponent during a state Senate ballot recount … Continue reading

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How I Came to Terms With Santa

I’ve heard of parents who have trouble explaining Santa Claus to their kids. My parents called on the United States Navy to do the job. I grew up in south Florida, so part of the Santa Claus legend always sounded … Continue reading

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Woman whose 84 Great Danes were seized will not serve jail time

OSSIPEE, N.H. — A woman who had dozens of filthy and sick Great Danes living in her New Hampshire mansion will not spend time in jail after being found guilty on 10 animal cruelty charges. Eighty-four dogs were seized from Christina … Continue reading

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Should Government Mandate Seatbelt Use?

Six representatives and one senator have sponsored a bill that begins to hack away at the amazing tradition of personal liberty that residents of New Hampshire have enjoyed. In the proposed bill, politicians make it a crime to ride in a vehicle without … Continue reading

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