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Ed Naile: Vermont Statewide Voter Database

I have in my possession the updated, current Vermont Statewide Voter Database that the state sends to me free of charge every month. NH can’t send NH taxpayers our own Statewide Database for the obvious reason – it is loaded with … Continue reading

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The High Cost Of Medical Marijuana Causes Pain In Vermont

Recent scientific reviews have found substantial evidence that marijuana can be useful in easing at least some types of chronic pain. Yet even for the majority of Americans who live in states that have legalized medical marijuana, choosing opioids can be much cheaper. … Continue reading

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Judge dismisses hate speech case against University of Vermont student

A Burlington, Vermont judge dismissed a criminal case against a University of Vermont (UVM) student who was accused of using racially disparaging comments during a phone conversation. University officials claimed in October that continuing education major Wesley Richter used “explicitly racist … Continue reading

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Vermont rehashes recreational marijuana bill as legislative year comes to a start

Vermont lawmakers are expected to consider a recreational marijuana bill this week that would make The Green Mountain State the first in the nation to legalize weed with its legislature rather than a voter referendum. | Keep Reading at the Washington … Continue reading

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Statewide Voter Checklist Info – From Vermont

Here is what I get from Vermont every month for free: a copy of an updated VOTER CHECKLIST. So why is NH’s voter database secret? Taxpayers should be asking that question. | CNHT

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Did Vermonters help swing New Hampshire’s election?

According to state records on same-day voter registration, 212 Vermonters were among the 6,540 people who registered to vote in New Hampshire on Election Day using an out-of-state license. President Donald Trump’s election integrity commission has been investigating the possibility that … Continue reading

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Investigation underway after police stop rabbi at gunpoint

New York assemblyman is demanding answers from Vermont State Police after he says a Brooklyn rabbi and his family felt “terrorized” by a trooper who ordered them out of their vehicle at gunpoint, and threw two of them down to … Continue reading

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Vermont: Tax Vermonters Who Buy In New Hampshire

When a seller doesn’t charge Vermont’s 6 percent sales tax, buyers are responsible for paying what’s known as use tax at the same rate. The tax applies to online, phone or mail-order purchases as well as purchases made outside Vermont … Continue reading

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NH, VT State Police Begin Holiday Crackdown on Motorists

The holiday weekend has gotten off to an expensive start for dozens of motorists in Vermont and New Hampshire. State police in both states stepped up enforcement along Interstates 89 and 91, leading to 168 vehicles being stopped. | More… | US News

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Money-Gruber: Obamacare’s sneering architect caught with his hand in the till

Remember Jonathan Gruber?  The loathsome, contemptuous architect of Obamacare has been caught out by Vermont’s attorney general for corruption in a fraudulent billing scheme.  According to the Daily Caller, Gruber sent out double-invoices and invoices for work that was never done in a disgusting scheme to … Continue reading

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