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Judge dismisses hate speech case against University of Vermont student

A Burlington, Vermont judge dismissed a criminal case against a University of Vermont (UVM) student who was accused of using racially disparaging comments during a phone conversation. University officials claimed in October that continuing education major Wesley Richter used “explicitly racist … Continue reading

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Universities strive for ‘Christmas’-free campuses

As another Christmas quickly approaches, colleges across the country are issuing their annual guidelines on how to make the season as inclusive as possible. At the University of California, Irvine, for instance, individual departments are encouraged to “focus on celebrating a special … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Alleged school employee storms College Repubs meeting

An alleged University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign employee disrupted a College Republicans meeting Thursday night and vandalized their property before cops dragged her away. According to video of the incident obtained by Campus Reform, a woman identified by CR members as Angela King, an … Continue reading

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Student: Mainstream feminism ‘excludes’ many feminists

This brand of intersectionality, in which all causes commit to each other, is highly exclusionary, Rubin told Campus Reform, noting that the BCSN is the cause of much of her consternation. “The loudest voice [on campus] is a particular brand of … Continue reading

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Mizzou enrollment falls to lowest level since 2008

Amid ongoing fallout from the protests that rocked campus in 2015, the University of Missouri recently welcomed its smallest student body since 2008. As Campus Reform has repeatedly reported, the embattled university has taken hit after hit, starting with a $32 million budget shortfall … Continue reading

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Profs discover 5 new types of ‘invisibility microaggressions’

Two professors recently discovered that there are five different types of “invisibility microaggressions” women of color face, according to an article published Monday. Jasmine Mena, a Psychology professor at Bucknell University, and Annemarie Vaccaro, who teaches Higher Education at the University … Continue reading

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Wanted: “Bias Incident Prevention and Response Coordinator”

The University of Michigan is looking for someone to clamp down on “students of concern” and “enact cultural appropriation prevention initiatives.” A job posting on the school’s website seeks candidates to fill the role of “Bias Incident Prevention and Response Coordinator,” a … Continue reading

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‘Disparaging comments’ outlawed at Illinois college

Students at Carl Sandburg College could now be subject to “disciplinary proceedings” for the use of “offensive language” or “hate speech.” According to the Illinois community college’s Student Code of Conduct, administrators “may initiate disciplinary proceedings against” a student who “is … Continue reading

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Memorials promote ‘white heterosexual male supremacy,’ profs claim

Public museums and memorials serve our nation’s “foundational commitments to white heterosexual male supremacy,” according to two Texas A&M University professors. Tasha N. Dubriwny and Kristan Poirot, both of whom teach Women’s Studies at TAMU, advanced the claim in a July 12 article in … Continue reading

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NYU librarian laments ‘fatigue’ from ‘presence of white people’

A New York University librarian recently felt compelled to pen a blog post bemoaning the “racial fatigue” she experiences “in the presence of white people” following an academic conference. April Hathcock said that she “hit her limit” after spending five … Continue reading

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