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Sanders’ Campaign Fined $14,500 for Accepting Illegal In-Kind Foreign Contributions

Remember when The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers gave Bill O’Brien the “Golden Hammer Award” for his successful effort in preventing an income tax by erasing the Democrat $800 million deficit? Kudos to Republican conservatives as well. Check out Bill O’Brien’s … Continue reading

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How Many Non-US Citizens Are Registered To Vote In New Hampshire?

J. Christian Adams and PILF have been successful in suing several states for public information each state is required to keep – that would be the Green Card holders who have driver’s licenses and the statewide voter database. Pa. has … Continue reading

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Famous Quotes by Zachary Gottlieb, Dartmouth Loudmouth

Remember Vanessa Sievers the Dartmouth student from Montana who won the Grafton County Treasurer position then – abandoned it? At the time, a Dartmouth Loudmouth named Zachary Gottlieb (almost all of them are named Zachary or Josh) issued this revealing statement about … Continue reading

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Requiring Legislative Approval Before RPC’s Can Accept Federal Funds.

There will be a public hearing tomorrow, 01/24/2018 at 02:00 PM in Legislative Office Building (LOB) Room 301 on HB 1616 that would require legislative approval before regional planning commissions could accept federal money. | More at GraniteGrok.com H/T CNHT

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Two Restrictive Firearms Bills (HB 1566, HB 1406) 2018

HB 1566, introduced by Rep. Delmar Burridge (D-Cheshire 16) would ban the carrying of firearms in many areas of the state. HB 1566 is a frontal assault on your right to bear arms. Rep. Timothy Horrigan (D-Strafford 6) has introduced HB … Continue reading

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Ed Naile: Jury Duty for Thee, But Not For Me

The ridiculous claim that anyone, from anywhere, without any identification, can vote in New Hampshire in a Federal Election simply by “intending” in his mind, to become lawfully domiciled or abandon a previous domicile, has created two distinct classes of … Continue reading

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Pembroke’s Budget Shortfall

Pembroke has a budget shortfall of $977,000.00. It is making the news. People find it hard to understand – especially Pembroke taxpayers. Here is a very simple glimpse into what may be the problem. Pembroke has a Budget Committee. Here … Continue reading

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Housing Shortages for Seniors

Housing shortages for the elderly tug at the heartstrings of most people. News outlets write about the problem all the time. Getting creative to solve New Hampshire’s senior housing crisis The problem with most housing shortage stories is the shortage … Continue reading

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Bud Fitch’s Voter Fraud Investigations

Rich talked to Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers, for A Question of Voter Fraud.  Rich and Ed began by talking about the recent news concerning Bud Fitch’sinvolvement in voter fraud investigations.  Rich asked about Ed’s interactions with the Governor and the … Continue reading

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International Right to Know and The New Hampshire Connection

For several years, The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers has been offering workshops on the Right to Know Law, RSA 91-A, its foundation in our State Constitution and how a taxpayer group can use it in uncovering municipal corruption. So … Continue reading

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