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Requiring Legislative Approval Before RPC’s Can Accept Federal Funds.

There will be a public hearing tomorrow, 01/24/2018 at 02:00 PM in Legislative Office Building (LOB) Room 301 on HB 1616 that would require legislative approval before regional planning commissions could accept federal money. | More at GraniteGrok.com H/T CNHT

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Are RPC State Smart Transportation Initiatives Going After Uber and Lyft?

Uber and Lyft riders and drivers, beware. Regionalism and urbanism may be the reason your services are being banned in various cities across the world. … According to the “State Smart Transportation Initiative” ride-hailing increases the use of cars and the actual … Continue reading

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The Rise of “Megacities Combat Unit?”

As we’ve been saying, herding Americans into closely guarded cities will enable the world government to control them much more closely… using “combat units”… yes, you read that correctly. Could this be why towns are militarizing their police forces? Keep Reading… … Continue reading

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