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Forget Paris, the Agenda Marches On

According to this article from Forbes, The U.S. May Never Leave The Paris Climate Accorddespite the fact that President Trump vowed to get us out. According to the report… “Donald Trump may have vowed to take the United States out of … Continue reading

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Who is Running the Store? It’s NOT the Taxpayers

Did you ever wonder why, even after the taxpayers have had their say against building a commuter rail system for NH, for example, the agenda for a ‘study committee’ marches on? Did you ever wonder how these projects get approved … Continue reading

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The Move Toward Ending Private Property is Alive and Well

We have stated before that withdrawal from the Paris Agreement would have little to no effect on what will happen with federal, state and local compliance with the “sustainability”, “urbanization”, and “globalization” agenda. Here is yet another example of how … Continue reading

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Start Early Comrade: Workforce Training for Children 0-5

What right does the Carsey Institute (NGO) or the Grappone Automotive Group have over and above parents and taxpayers when it comes to education? Why does the state want your child from birth to age 5 for ‘workforce training’? Is … Continue reading

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What’s Behind Water Management and Taxation Schemes?

Next time your town or city wants to impose a ‘roof’ or ‘driveway’ water run off tax, you will know where the idea originated. Tell your local officials to stop doing the bidding of the APA and the UN! “UN … Continue reading

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The Rise of “Megacities Combat Unit?”

As we’ve been saying, herding Americans into closely guarded cities will enable the world government to control them much more closely… using “combat units”… yes, you read that correctly. Could this be why towns are militarizing their police forces? Keep Reading… … Continue reading

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