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Local Media Reports a Majority of “NH Residents Support Gas Tax Increase” When They Don’t

In two separate reports feeding off the same research, Fosters.com and the New Hampshire Business Review lead with headlines declaring support for a gas tax increase in New Hampshire. “UNH research: NH residents support gas tax hike.” But do they? Nope. |Read more at … Continue reading

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Who is Running the Store? It’s NOT the Taxpayers

Did you ever wonder why, even after the taxpayers have had their say against building a commuter rail system for NH, for example, the agenda for a ‘study committee’ marches on? Did you ever wonder how these projects get approved … Continue reading

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Start Early Comrade: Workforce Training for Children 0-5

What right does the Carsey Institute (NGO) or the Grappone Automotive Group have over and above parents and taxpayers when it comes to education? Why does the state want your child from birth to age 5 for ‘workforce training’? Is … Continue reading

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Delphi Training Session Being Held in Claremont

The Carsey Institute’s public relations firm and their troupe of actors will be holding a training session on behalf of the regional planners of NH and the world in Claremont. It is hoped that activists from Claremont will attend and … Continue reading

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