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Famous Quotes by Zachary Gottlieb, Dartmouth Loudmouth

Remember Vanessa Sievers the Dartmouth student from Montana who won the Grafton County Treasurer position then – abandoned it? At the time, a Dartmouth Loudmouth named Zachary Gottlieb (almost all of them are named Zachary or Josh) issued this revealing statement about … Continue reading

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Transforming Liberal Arts Education into Liberal Indoctrination

Joseph Asch, writing at Dartblog, exposes the fraud of the diversity and inclusion movement in his analysis of a letter by former Dartmouth Provost (and current English Professor at same) Carolyn Dever. Dever penned a missive published at Fosters.com in which she … Continue reading

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Hanover on Top of a Volcano?

In an article entitled Huge Bubble of Hot Rock May Be Rising Under New England, National Geographic Magazine says that “the discovery is a sign that it may be time to rethink the region’s geology.” We’ll enter the headline in the … Continue reading

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Recent Sexual Misconduct Charges at Schools Rattle New Hampshire

Allegations and revelations of sexual misconduct at educational institutions in the Granite State have sparked a conversation about what recourse victims have in these cases. This week, New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon MacDonald announced his office was investigating |Keep Reading at NH Journal

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New Hampshire AG Investigating Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against 3 Dartmouth Professors

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office has announced it will be conducting a joint criminal investigation into allegations of “serious” sexual misconduct by three Dartmouth College professors who were placed on leave last week. Attorney General Gordon J. MacDonald said … Continue reading

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Dartmouth Doesn’t Like Planners When They Vote the ‘Wrong Way”

“The college believes that the New Hampshire Superior Court decision of Sept. 21 significantly and mistakenly expands Planning Board discretion in the review of building projects,” Dartmouth spokeswoman Diana Lawrence said in an email on Friday explaining the college’s decision … Continue reading

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Dartmouth Liquor Ban, Sexual Assaults, and Drug Arrests

Hanover — Dartmouth College’s annual campus safety report for 2016 shows little change in most key crime statistics, except for a slight drop in arrests and internal sanctions for alcohol violations. The data show that sexual violence and substance abuse reports … Continue reading

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Boo Hoo – “Bias Incident” Reported at Dartmouth College

In an email addressed to West House residents this evening, West House professor Ryan Hickox and assistant director of residential education for West House Ted Stratton wrote that a bias incident had been reported as of Sunday night. The incident … Continue reading

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Power Plant Economics (At Dartmouth)

In a bid to become more environmentally friendly, Dartmouth plans to transition its power plant from dirty No. 6 fuel oil to biomass (likely wood pellets or chips). Moving to a cleaner source of energy is certainly commendable, but what of the expense? … Continue reading

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New Hampshire Democrats And Dartmouth Professors

While some light has been shed upon the truth, we still have a pro-violence faction in New Hampshire that includes Dartmouth Professors and Democrat politicians providing defense or cover for violence and intimidation that favors their political ideology. | More… | … Continue reading

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