Ed Naile: Jury Duty for Thee, But Not For Me

The ridiculous claim that anyone, from anywhere, without any identification, can vote in New Hampshire in a Federal Election simply by “intending” in his mind, to become lawfully domiciled or abandon a previous domicile, has created two distinct classes of NH voter.

One voter is domiciled in NH and the other can register, ignore the laws of their own state, and stay on the NH voter database for as long as he, or someone in his place, keep voting in General Elections. That is patently unconstitutional and is defended by our NH Secretary of State and Attorney General’s Office. | Keep Reading at CNHT

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1 Response to Ed Naile: Jury Duty for Thee, But Not For Me

  1. Michael Lorrey says:

    Meanwhile I’ve been a registered voter for 28 years, voted in most elections, and have never been called to jury duty.

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