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Pine Tree Ramblings – Vol 5

Church and School.  Two places where a lot of shootings take place.  Both are relatively gun-free zones, one mandated by law, the other by sense.  Although, there are no gun-free zones wherever I am. Anyhow, two recent shootings have occurred … Continue reading

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Data Point – Schools keep growing (by adding “overhead”)

If an average classroom size is about 25 students and we multiply that by the average spending, that gives us $275,000 per year per classroom. If you’re in a school with 40 classrooms that’s $11 million per year to run a … Continue reading

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Data Doesn’t Support Need for Seat Belts on School Buses

Don’t expect school bus passengers in New Hampshire to be required to buckle up anytime soon. A committee of state lawmakers studying a school bus seat belt requirement is not recommending any such legislation. The committee was formed in compliance … Continue reading

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N.H. Schools Respond to Allegations of Racist Attacks With Diversity Training, Soul Searching

New Hampshire schools and communities have been doing some serious soul searching after reports of racist incidents in which children were harassed verbally and physically, resulting in neck injuries for one boy after an alleged attempted lynching. Right now, many … Continue reading

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When Crimes Happen at School, N.H. Law Doesn’t Require Parental Notification

Laurie Laizure of Manchester likes to think she’s the kind of parent who’s engaged in what’s happening at her kids’ schools. Which is why she was so surprised to learn, when scrolling through Facebook last month, about a sexual assault that … Continue reading

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Wilton, NH: Fire chief promises “escort” which never happens

When a school building is devoid of students, that’s a good time to show you what sort of messages it is sending your kids via its walls. Two folks have already questioned me for doing this but refused to identify … Continue reading

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