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N.H. Campaign Finance Activists to March for ‘Granny D’ in Dublin

The New Hampshire Rebellion will hold its fourth annual “Granny D” memorial walk this weekend, commemorating the late campaign finance reformer’s cross-country journey to get money out of politics. Organizers say there’s a lot of work left to be done at the … Continue reading

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Are There Secret Archaeological Sites In N.H.?

According to New Hampshire’s Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer Richard Boisvert, there’s a “confidential” list of sites, but she stopped short of calling it “secret.” “It’s available to people who have a reason to know and this would be the … Continue reading

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Why Colin Kaepernick Doesn’t Have a Job

New Hampshire Public radio has a lengthy screed about why former Quarterback Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have a job. They quote players, experts, and none of them ever gets to the actual point of the problem. A situation that anyone who has … Continue reading

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NHPR Pushes Democrat Narrative in Story Claiming Conservative Media Covering for Trump

NPR (NHPR) has some audio up this morning with a very amusing headline above it and an even funnier statement beneath. “Amid Russia Scandals, Conservative Media Provides Air Cover For President Trump.” NPR not only published this but made it … Continue reading

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Is N.H.’s Craft Beer Hype Actually Brewing Big Business?

If you’ve visited the grocery store beer aisle lately, you might have noticed a growing number of beer options, many of them brewed right here in New Hampshire. These hoppy IPAs, porters, and session ales are all part of the … Continue reading

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St. Louis Raised The Minimum Wage, Then Missouri Reversed It

St. Louis recently increased its minimum wage to $10 an hour, more than $2 higher than the rest of the state. But the Missouri legislature has just passed a bill to nullify that city law, which means some St. Louis … Continue reading

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How Small Town Papers Have Kept Community Trust

Pardon me if I disagree as to the authenticity of “small town newspapers.” Large media outlets could learn from small town newspapers about being authentic and winning the trust of readers. Small town papers have “been around since frontier days,” … Continue reading

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