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Liberal Media Sexual Harassment Conundrum

NBC banned hugging in the workplace as well as sharing cab rides in order to curb sexual harassment. I don't get it though. The left goes out of their way to share bathrooms, yet they won't share a cab. Now … Continue reading

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NH School Disciplines Some 7th-Grade Boys Over Sexual Harassment

HAMPTON FALLS, N.H. (AP) — A New Hampshire school has disciplined some seventh-grade boys after female classmates reported incidents of sexual harassment and bullying, the principal said. | Keep Reading at US News.com

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MPR News Reports Democratic Sen. Al Franken Will Resign

Some breaking news from Minnesota tonight. Minnesota Public Radio News reports that Senator Al Franken will announce his resignation from the Senate tomorrow. His decision comes after at least 30 Senate Democrats, including leader Chuck Schumer, today called on Franken … Continue reading

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What did NH Democrats Know (About Sexual Predators) and When Did They Know It?

In the wake of Matt Lauer’s termination, and the self-immolation underway on the left, the news is littered with exciting tidbits from long-time liberal hypocrites about other long-time liberal hypocrites, like this. On ABC News’ “This Week,” veteran journalist Cokie Roberts … Continue reading

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See which Manchester Reps didn’t sign sex harassment policy

MANCHESTER, NH – Ten Manchester state legislators are among those who have not yet signed a form acknowledging they’ve read the official Statehouse 2016  sexual harassment policy, according to an NHPR report. The nine-page form, which defines sexual harassment as unwelcome sexual advances, … Continue reading

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Sexual Assault Accusations Are “Timeless,” Right, Ray?

Ten years ago, doesn’t seem that long when you look at the alleged sexual assaults and improprieties being aired every day on national news sites, radio, and print. This story below is about an internal investigation by the Democrat Party … Continue reading

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Bubba Might Be Guilty of Sexual Harassment When It’s Politically Convenient

The public sexual harassment bloodletting has finally made its way down to the likes of William Jefferson Clinton. A man still being honored by New Hampshire Democrats (last night, in fact) despite the sudden 180 on Bubba by some liberal politicians and … Continue reading

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