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Buckles The Clown Strikes Again

Raymond, “Buckles The Clown” Buckley strikes again. You have to love Ray’s antics. Everytime Ray opens his mouth its always good for a laugh. Ray is plagued with not ever being an original thinker. He is the Human Parrot for … Continue reading

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NH Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley wins back coveted seat on DNC Executive Committee

MANCHESTER — New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley of Manchester politically came off the mat Friday afternoon, keeping a coveted seat on the Executive Committee of the national party during its fall meeting in Las Vegas, Nev. State party … Continue reading

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Facebook Jail, Bye Bye Buckley and Spreading Spam

Rich opened this morning’s show by informing the listeners that he has been placed in Facebook jail.  He then shared about the departure of the Party chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  |Girard at Large

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WMUR News 9 and White Supremacists

Ray Buckley -Chairman of the New Hampshire Democrat Party- was recently taken to task, and deservedly so, for referring to disaffected voters who might be inclined to vote for President Trump as “white supremacists.” | More…

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The Democrat Partys Declining Electoral Options in New Hampshire

During Hillary’s failed presidential campaign the Democrat National Party, of which New Hampshire Democrat Ray Buckley is a Vice Chair, abandoned white working class voters. Recently, New Hampshire State Party Chairman Ray Buckley labeled rural and unregistered voters as white supremacists. … Continue reading

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Democrat Party Chair Ray Buckley’s Hypocrisy On Extremism

New Hampshire Democrat Party Chair Ray Buckley doesn’t even have the decency to apologize for implying that thousands of likely New Hampshire voters are white supremacists. Instead, he has a spokesman spin his treachery to blame Republicans. | More… | GraniteGrok

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Putting NHDP Chairman Ray Buckley’s White Supremacist Remarks IN Context

New Hampshire Democrat Party Chairman Ray Buckley’s remarks last weekend should leave a mark. Yes, a Party Spokesman claims they were taken out of context but that’s not going to cut it because the actual context was not only evident, other recent events make … Continue reading

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