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Ray Buckley, Rape and Whataboutism

Yesterday, New Hampshire Democrats held their annual “Kennedy-Clinton Dinner,” which is their major fundraiser.  The dinner is named after former Presidents Kennedy and Clinton. NH GOP Chair, Jeanie Forester, called on the Democrats to denounce Clinton and remove his name: … Continue reading

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Conservative vs. Liberal Anti-Rape Tips

H/T Weekend Pundit

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UNH: Sex assault down, hate crimes up

UNH’s Durham campus saw a 50 percent decrease in the amount of on-campus rapes in 2016 in comparison to the previous year. Campus rates of crime in 2016, not including the categories of fondling, domestic violence, liquor laws arrests, drug … Continue reading

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Area Police Chief Sentenced to Decades in Prison for Multiple Rapes

The reason why the government police can be so corrupt and violent is because they have a monopoly on violence. There’s no competition allowed in the marketplace. Worse, you’re forced to fund the police, even if they are doing things … Continue reading

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New Hampshire man pleads not guilty to shooting death of food delivery driver

A New Hampshire man denied he killed a food delivery driver in Lynn, then raped a North Andover convenience store clerk.  The Salem News reported that Brian Brito was arraigned on murder, rape and firearms charges in Salem Superior Court Friday. Brito., 21, … Continue reading

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The Baby is Not The Adversary

In my advocacy work, I meet many, yes many, women who have become pregnant by violence, rape, incest, and sex trafficking. Some submitted to abortion, some did not. Dr. David Reardon has done research and written works on the subject. … Continue reading

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Democrats ARE the ‘Rape Culture’ in New Hampshire

Today, New Hampshire Democrats and their far left wing extremist (paid) supporters are claiming that Republicans promote the ‘rape culture.’ This is extremely ironic since it’s New Hampshire Democrats who supported Bill Clinton who was not only accused of rape … Continue reading

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As any feminist instructor who has ever taught about rape culture probably knows…

This is…I’ll let you decide what it is. It was the middle of the semester, and we were covering rape culture. As any feminist instructor who has ever taught about rape culture probably knows, covering this topic is challenging for … Continue reading

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