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Why We Can Never Have an Honest Discussion about Mass Shootings

Over the past several days, there have been many conversations about the Florida Parkland school shooting but where are these conversations leading? It’s horrifying, heinous, disgusting and shocking to turn on the news and discover that a fellow human being decided … Continue reading

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For Liberals Every Damn Thing in the World is About Trump

Liberals have been seized by a sort of dementia in which their obsessive hatred for President Trump blinds them to reality and causes them to say things, every day, that are inexplicably stupid. |Read more at Powerline

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Did the Left and the Media Jump Into Another ‘Russia’ Bear Trap (They Set for Themselves)?

The big news for the media and their Democrat allies is that Michael Flynn lied to the FBI about Russia. The bad news (for the left) is that it doesn’t matter. ABC News, which went yard trying to nail Flynn and … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media Goes Gaga Over Roy Moore Allegations, Barely Says A Word About Bob Menendez’s Corruption Trial

Roy Moore, a Republican candidate seeking to win Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ old seat in the U.S. Senate, was tried and convicted of pedophilia last week. No, he didn’t have a trial. … Meanwhile, there’s an actual trial going on … Continue reading

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The Left’s Sexual Assault and Rape Epidemic

“…doesn’t it seem like that maybe one reason slimes like those in the news today howl on about women’s rights and other leftist causes is so they can use it as a get out of jail free card? Like the … Continue reading

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Trump Set A Trap For The Self-Obsessed Media In Phoenix. They Fell Right Into It.

So, on Tuesday night in Phoenix, President Trump – falling in the polls and under severe fire from right and Left over his handling of Charlottesville and Afghanistan – launched into the one target that unites his base: the media. … Continue reading

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Media Noise Ignored

“They want politics to be going on everywhere all the time”, what does that remind you of? Safe spaces? Trigger words? Firing an employee for views not held by a company? Shouting down and silencing people whose view are not … Continue reading

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NH Enters Day Six of Media Blackout on Wasserman Schultz/Imran Awan Story

The story broke six days ago. A Tale of international intrigue with the potential for insider influence peddling that has all the elements the Democrats with millions of dollars in media resources and thousand of investigative hours (over the course … Continue reading

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NH Irony in Action: Does Cutting Off Your Readers Actually Engage Them?

NPR recently shut down its comment boards online, and its managing editor of digital news was quoted as saying they were not providing a useful experience for the vast majority of users. Is this the criterion? The content goes bye-bye … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn: Lutey Tunes

Apologies to all my readers: Last week I carelessly wrote about President Trump’s Warsaw speech as if the words therein corresponded to the definitions ascribed to them by Oxford, Webster’s or any other English dictionary. My mistake. Apparently the plain meaning of … Continue reading

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