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Cannon Mountain Welcomes Pirates on the Slopes …to Benefit North Country

Franconia, NH:   Arrgh! Ski Like a Pirate and Hunt for Ye Treasure at the Pirates of the High Skis! at Cannon Mountain on Saturday, February 3, 2018. Pirates of the High Skis! is a swashbuckling fundraiser for the Adaptive Sports Partners … Continue reading

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Overtourism: a contemporary option to poor prior planning

“Overtourism” is a term that first became part of our lexicon in 2012. However, the debate about whether the pros of increased visitation—spending, jobs, new revenue sources—are enough to offset the cons, has been ongoing for decades. | Keep Reading … Continue reading

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Our friends at Firm B (Eversource) have some ‘splaining to do

New Hampshire uses about 9 percent of New England’s electricity. So, if a couple of rogue utilities pulled some sneaky tricks over three years that caused wholesale electricity prices in New England to be $3.6 billion higher than they should … Continue reading

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Who’s Really in Charge of the Voting Fraud Commission?

Me: Brace Yourself. Liberal tropes are coming. On Friday, in response to a judge’s order, the Department of Justice released data showing the authors, recipients, timing, and subject lines of a group of emails sent to and from the Presidential … Continue reading

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Les Otten: $5M Balsams Loan Required His Testimony For Northern Pass

CONCORD — The second half of the regulatory war over the Northern Pass Transmission project began in confusion Friday as the opposition opened its case before the Site Evaluation Committee in the months-long proceedings. Eversource’s final witness Les Otten, who … Continue reading

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Northern Pass Construction Experts Questioned About ‘Inaccuracies’ In Burial Plans

CONCORD — The state Department of Transportation will wait for new survey information from Northern Pass Transmission developer Eversource before moving forward on requests to bury sections of the 192-mile line under state roads. The agency’s Utility Accommodation Manual forbids utilities … Continue reading

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EPA: Burying 40 More Miles of Northern Pass Better for Wetlands

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says burying an additional 40 miles of Northern Pass transmission line in its most northern segment would be less damaging to wetlands and wildlife than as currently proposed and “appears practicable.” A letter dated Sept. … Continue reading

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NH Irony in Action: Does Cutting Off Your Readers Actually Engage Them?

NPR recently shut down its comment boards online, and its managing editor of digital news was quoted as saying they were not providing a useful experience for the vast majority of users. Is this the criterion? The content goes bye-bye … Continue reading

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