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Concord Gets its Day in Northern Pass Court on Thursday

A panel of Concord officials will testify as a group on Thursday at the state Site Evaluation Committee’s hearings on the Northern Pass Transmission Project. Members of the panel have pre-filed testimony and will be cross-examined by the committee, other intervening parties … Continue reading

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Our friends at Firm B (Eversource) have some ‘splaining to do

New Hampshire uses about 9 percent of New England’s electricity. So, if a couple of rogue utilities pulled some sneaky tricks over three years that caused wholesale electricity prices in New England to be $3.6 billion higher than they should … Continue reading

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The Tyranny of Administrative Power in New Hampshire From Green Power

Barry Brownstein, writing at the Foundation for Economic Education, outlines the problem and abuses of administrative power, right here in New Hampshire, summed up in his closing paragraph. In New Hampshire, the absolute administrative power of the SEC—a power that poses … Continue reading

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Les Otten: $5M Balsams Loan Required His Testimony For Northern Pass

CONCORD — The second half of the regulatory war over the Northern Pass Transmission project began in confusion Friday as the opposition opened its case before the Site Evaluation Committee in the months-long proceedings. Eversource’s final witness Les Otten, who … Continue reading

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Plymouth Protesters Say No To Northern Pass

A couple hundred people gathered on the Plymouth Town Common Tuesday to protest Northern Pass as members of the Site Evaluation Committee climbed off a bus nearby to walk the stretch of Main Street where part of the proposed 192-mile … Continue reading

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Northern Pass Construction Experts Questioned About ‘Inaccuracies’ In Burial Plans

CONCORD — The state Department of Transportation will wait for new survey information from Northern Pass Transmission developer Eversource before moving forward on requests to bury sections of the 192-mile line under state roads. The agency’s Utility Accommodation Manual forbids utilities … Continue reading

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Testimony: Northern Pass Would Mean $7M in Tax Revenue to Franklin NH

CONCORD – Hard times keep getting harder in Franklin – so tough in fact, that the prospect of hosting a Northern Pass converter terminal provides a much-needed ray of hope, former city manager Elizabeth A. Dragon told the Site Evaluation … Continue reading

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Should Landowners Trust Northern Pass?

Grafton County Attorney Lara Saffo made her points about the impact on homeowners and businesses of burying 52 miles of Northern Pass cable from Bethlehem to Bridgewater by showing photos of various properties and the massive equipment it would take … Continue reading

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State committee delays Northern Pass decision until 2018

CONCORD — A state committee won’t make any decision on the proposed Northern Pass project until 2018. The Site Evaluation Committee on Thursday said it was pushing back its Sept. 30 deadline for making a decision on the project. It now … Continue reading

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Executive Councilor Joe Kenney: Sununu Needs To Do More Outreach On Northern Pass

It’s my judgment that he needs to go into the North Country on a listening tour to speak to people directly about this project. Whether they are for or against, they expect representation on the issue. And I have not … Continue reading

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