NH Irony in Action: Does Cutting Off Your Readers Actually Engage Them?

NPR recently shut down its comment boards online, and its managing editor of digital news was quoted as saying they were not providing a useful experience for the vast majority of users.

Is this the criterion? The content goes bye-bye if it doesn’t produce a useful experience for the vast majority? I’d say nine-tenths of what I read in an average day falls into that category. Have you ever been submerged in the black hole of click-through slideshows such as “You wouldn’t believe what (fill in the blank) looks like now!” You get the point.

And now, here’s the really big irony (Irony No. 4): I had no idea before I wrote and submitted this column that InDepthNH.org founder Nancy West had turned off the comment section for this website! | More…

| InDepthNH

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