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Pro-NAFTA report finds New Hampshire economy gains from treaty

The North American Free Trade Agreement supported nearly 60,000 New Hampshire jobs in 2014 and in 2015 helped facilitate $1.4 billion in exports — plus almost all of the imports that came into the state through the treaty weren’t consumed … Continue reading

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Evergreen State College faces $2.1M budget shortfall, cites enrollment drop, issues layoff notices

Administrators at The Evergreen State College have announced that the embattled school faces a massive $2.1 million budget shortfall due in part to a drop in enrollment, and the institution has already handed out some temporary layoff notices as officials … Continue reading

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New Hampshire university to take in students after Harvey

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A New Hampshire university is offering a free semester to college students displaced by Hurricane Harvey, 12 years after it helped a similar group after Hurricane Katrina. Franklin Pierce University will provide free tuition, room and … Continue reading

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The Legacy of the N.H.-Maine Lobster War and Why It May Wage On

Off the coast of New Hampshire are the iconic Isles of Shoals. Somewhere around the middle of those isles is a dotted line — the state border between New Hampshire and Maine. As part of our series Surrounded in which … Continue reading

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The New York Times misquoted Trump’s Charlottesville remarks in five different reports

The New York Times has corrected five stories on President Donald Trump’s response to the Charlottesville protests, admitting in each report to misquoting what the president said in the aftermath of the violence. Four of the corrected reports misquoted what … Continue reading

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Learning, Teaching, Funding, and Education

In New Hampshire, most public school funding originates in the pocketbook of local taxpayers and most of us hope we elect a local school board that watches out not only for the students but also the taxpayer. It doesn’t always … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn: On the Passing of Princess Diana, 20-Years Ago Today

Two decades ago today – Saturday August 30th 1997 – the ex-wife of the heir to the throne flew in to Paris with her new Egyptian boyfriend after a Mediterranean holiday on his yacht. They dined at his dad’s showpiece, … Continue reading

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Maine woman, 2 goats unhurt after crash on New England interstate

GUILFORD, Vt. (AP) — Vermont State Police say a Maine woman and two goats that were riding in her car were unhurt when she crashed after falling asleep while traveling on an interstate in Guilford. Rescue crews were called to … Continue reading

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HYP Radicals Speak to Left Radicals

“…the real radicals today are those who point out the obvious that is not supposed to be noticed in order to protect Progressive sacred absolutes, in this case egalitarianism pushed to the level of absurdity. The HYP professors should have … Continue reading

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Report: Job growth limited to urban New Hampshire counties

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A new analysis of the New Hampshire economy says job growth in the state’s most urban counties has been much higher than expected in recent years, while rural counties have seen virtually no economic growth. | … Continue reading

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