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Durham New Hampshire named safest college town in nation- How is That Even Possible?

According to SafeWise, an independent review and comparison website Durham, New Hampshire –the home of the UNH Main Campus — is the safest college town in America. I’m not sure how this is even possible. I was told that the passage … Continue reading

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New Hampshire does not currently offer any sort of public financing for elections, but there are some in the state calling for that to change. Read more about this issue. On July 31, Citizens Count, NH’s Live Free or Die Alliance decided … Continue reading

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NH man accused of sexually assaulting girl over 11 years at home, mall, YMCA

WINDHAM — A man has been indicted on 11 counts of sexual assault of a minor for more than 11 years. Julian Azibert, 38, of Windham, is accused of sexually abusing a young girl from age 6 to age 18. … Continue reading

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Dave Ridley: A damaged Trump presidency would be great – but not a destroyed one

| RidleyReport

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Entitled Loud Mouths

They want to order off the Chinese menu of modernity, picking and choosing the dishes they like, while at the same time cursing the cuisine and the culture that created it. It’s like Hollywood lefties who crap on America, the … Continue reading

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Assault Victim: Charge Against NH State Rep Not A Political Ploy

CONCORD, NH — A woman who claims that a local state representative assaulted her last year during a ballot recount at the state archives building in Concord is speaking out about a lawyer’s claim that her complaint is a political ploy – … Continue reading

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South Carolina Governor Cuts Public Funds to Abortion Clinics

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster (R) has issued an executive order that cuts public funding to abortion clinics in the state. McMaster demanded that the state’s Medicaid agency ask the “federal government to exclude abortion clinics from the state’s Medicaid provider.” The … Continue reading

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White Guy Sucker Punches Black Guy – American Media Not Interested

If you’d like proof of the hypocrisy of the left and their media look no further than R.C. Maxwell. Maxwell is black man sucker punched by a white man. Hate crime? Bigotry? Racism? White Supremacy? How about silence? Maxwell is … Continue reading

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Historians warn against rushing to take down statues

NEW YORK (AP) — It’s not just about Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. The national soul-searching over whether to take down monuments to the Confederacy’s demigods has extended to other historical figures accused of wrongdoing, including Christopher Columbus (brutality … Continue reading

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Al Gore says Brexit was caused by… climate change

There are plenty of theories about what led to the Brexit vote. Now, Al Gore, has a new one to add to the pile. The former vice president – who has been busy promoting his new film by labelling those who question … Continue reading

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