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New Hampshire does not currently offer any sort of public financing for elections, but there are some in the state calling for that to change. Read more about this issue. On July 31, Citizens Count, NH’s Live Free or Die Alliance decided … Continue reading

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POLL: Most Millennials just fine with Confederate monuments

A survey of 1,125 American adults conducted this week by The Marist Poll, in conjunction with National Public Radio and PBS Newshour, found that 60 percent of respondents aged 18 to 29 support maintaining Confederate monuments as historical symbols—roughly the same percentage reported … Continue reading

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A Third of Republicans Want McConnell, Ryan Out

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 36% of Likely Republican Voters think it would be good for the United States if McConnell stepped down as Senate majority leader, while 17% believe it would be bad … Continue reading

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Most American voters support limited travel ban: poll

Six in ten American voters support the new ban on people from six predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States unless they can show they have a close relative here, according to opinion poll results released on Wednesday. The … Continue reading

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Strong Majority Not Concerned About Rising Sea Levels On NH Coast

In December, the Coastal Risk and Hazards Commission released a report outlining recommendations for state and local officials to respond to a projected rise in sea levels. The report estimates that sea levels on the New Hampshire coastline will rise … Continue reading

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23% Think Climate Change Bigger Threat to NH Than National Debt

On the home page at unionleader.com today’s poll question asks, “Which do you believe poses the greater threat to New Hampshire?” Almost a quarter of the respondents, Inelleftual Democrats no doubt, think chose climate change over the national debt and terrorism (as … Continue reading

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New Poll: New Hampshire Strongly Approves of Gov. Chris Sununu’s Job Performance

Republican Governor Chris Sununu is producing concrete results for New Hampshire and the people of his state are taking notice. A brand new University of New Hampshire poll gives Governor Sununu a strong 57% approval rating, while only a low … Continue reading

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