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Historians warn against rushing to take down statues

NEW YORK (AP) — It’s not just about Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. The national soul-searching over whether to take down monuments to the Confederacy’s demigods has extended to other historical figures accused of wrongdoing, including Christopher Columbus (brutality … Continue reading

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2017 The Great 2017 Statuary War

The war currently being waged against Confederate monuments seemingly came from nowhere, but it’s quickly becoming a fierce and brutal conflict. That was made clear when those self-appointed champions of justice triumphantly toppled the statue of a Confederate soldier in … Continue reading

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Maine Gov. LePage: Removing Confederate statues like losing 9/11 memorial

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Taking down statues of Confederate figures is “just like” removing a monument to victims of the 9/11 attacks, Gov. Paul LePage said Thursday, adding that the white nationalist and far-left protesters in Charlottesville over the weekend … Continue reading

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POLL: Most Millennials just fine with Confederate monuments

A survey of 1,125 American adults conducted this week by The Marist Poll, in conjunction with National Public Radio and PBS Newshour, found that 60 percent of respondents aged 18 to 29 support maintaining Confederate monuments as historical symbols—roughly the same percentage reported … Continue reading

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New Poll Sheds Light On Millennial Attitudes Towards Historical Monuments

So who is behind this drive to scrub history and remove monuments that some in our society can’t emotionally deal with? Well, according to a recent Marist poll, it’s not the typical college student, or millennials, in general. Sure, the chaos … Continue reading

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Report from Louisiana: Monument Removal is no Longer a “Local Issue”

As [Mayor Mitch] Landrieu continues to staunchly defend his decision to remove the city’s Confederate monuments, supporters (both black and white) have taken positions days and night at the monuments to protect them. Two weeks ago Landrieu removed one of … Continue reading

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Trump to Order Review of Over 20 Years of Federal Land Grabs

On Wednesday, Trump will sign an executive order to demand that the Interior Department secretary examine all national monument designations in the past 21 years to discern whether their size and scope are within the law’s intent, a move that … Continue reading

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