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Gun-Violence Restraining Order

I just read this piece by David French at NRO. At first read, I was, and am still, skeptical and a little suspicious. But he makes some good arguments and does address the due process problem found in the other list approaches … Continue reading

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Anti-Fascist Antifa Can’t Define Fascism

I forgot about these morons while on hiatus bathing in the warmth and the sun with good company and cocktails. But now that I’m back and settling into the groove, I’m reminded that we’re surrounded by misguided, ignorant hyperventilating morons. … Continue reading

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Wolves Against Central Planning

Wolves make the case against central planning, that is against Socialism and pretty much all the -isms that leave Leftist priapistic. As is usually the case when the government, or anyone really, gets involved in something in which it has … Continue reading

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Chuck Todd: Towering Constitutional Ignoramus

This is what you get when you hire a Democrat operative to be a “news” anchor: a smug, self-righteous ignoramus. Here he is haughtily sneering at the next Alabama Senator Roy Moore by stating that, “He doesn’t appear to believe … Continue reading

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Entitled Loud Mouths

They want to order off the Chinese menu of modernity, picking and choosing the dishes they like, while at the same time cursing the cuisine and the culture that created it. It’s like Hollywood lefties who crap on America, the … Continue reading

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Adhocracy, Why the Progressives are against Free Speech

Remember when the Democrats unanimously voted to repeal the First Amendment back in 2014? Remember when Hillary wanted to curtail free speech when it pertains to politicians? And how about all those times over the past several years when Progressives and leftists … Continue reading

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Media Noise Ignored

“They want politics to be going on everywhere all the time”, what does that remind you of? Safe spaces? Trigger words? Firing an employee for views not held by a company? Shouting down and silencing people whose view are not … Continue reading

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Obama, Kerry Legacy on Syrian Chemical Weapons

Funny. Last night, President Trump lobbed 60 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase from which, earlier this week, aircraft were launched and bombed Syrian citizens, including children, with Sarin gas.  That Sarin gas would be some of those chemical weapons … Continue reading

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