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Democrats Know the Damage Obama Did

This is only a matter of time.  You can only blame the Russians for so long.  Now they’re starting to blame Hillary, some people are.  Not everybody yet, but some are.  And Biden, as an agent of Obama, Biden’s purpose … Continue reading

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Hurricane Harvey – If Obama was President

If Obama was president Hurricane Harvey would be bringing much needed rain to the region. — Maxine Waters' Wig (@larryabarnette) August 26, 2017 H/T Skip Murphy

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Remember we said that after Obama left office, we’d find out the damage he did? It’s Much Worse Than We Feared

Below the fold, I lifted the text out of the follow-up tweets to save load time. Prepare to be really depressed: (2) Under Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, the Department of Justice pushed the states to pass new laws. (3) … Continue reading

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Trump cancels Obama’s special immigration program for foreign entrepreneurs

The Trump administration put a hold Monday on an Obama-era policy that was designed to encourage foreign entrepreneurs to settle in the U.S. to build their companies, saying immigration officials are already overwhelmed with more important work. It’s the latest … Continue reading

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Barack Obama’s Post-Presidential World Tour is Starting to Get Creepy

Barack’s intimate dinner with Justin [Trudeau] isn’t the former President’s first suspiciously timed foreign meeting, though. Since Trump has been in office, Obama’s been quietly following the current President’s schedule—taking meetings, meeting with foreign leaders, and giving policy speeches, often … Continue reading

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Trump’s Unsung Deregulatory Achievements, And Democrats’ Efforts To Strike Them Down

The MSM doesn’t like to spread the news about Trump’s quiet successes deregulating a wide swath of last-minute Obama regulations, which were handed down by executive agencies in a hurry once Barry realized that his legacy was not going to … Continue reading

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The Donald’s best pals: Barack and Hillary

A fun and inciteful read from either side of the aisle. “…as long as Barack and Hillary haunt us, the Democrats can’t grow. Yes, they’re beloved by their partisans. And each time they appear, you’ll find adoring pundits wagging their … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren turns on Obama

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she is “troubled” by former President Barack Obama’s decision to give a Wall Street speech for $400,000 this year. An interview between Ms. Warren and Sirius XM’s “Alter Family Politics” on Thursday addressed Mr. Obama’s … Continue reading

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Obama, Kerry Legacy on Syrian Chemical Weapons

Funny. Last night, President Trump lobbed 60 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase from which, earlier this week, aircraft were launched and bombed Syrian citizens, including children, with Sarin gas.  That Sarin gas would be some of those chemical weapons … Continue reading

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