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Gun-Violence Restraining Order

I just read this piece by David French at NRO. At first read, I was, and am still, skeptical and a little suspicious. But he makes some good arguments and does address the due process problem found in the other list approaches … Continue reading

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A Year-End Judicial Triumph for Constitutional Conservatives

The news got lost in a lot of the end of the year taxapalooza, but the administration, which even the most Trump-skeptical conservative would have to acknowledge has done an excellent job on judges ( a record 12 appellate judges … Continue reading

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North Korea’s Recent History of Random, Sudden, Violent Provocation

One aspect of the threat from North Korea that doesn’t get addressed seriously enough is the regime is either unable or unwilling to accurately assess the risks of its actions. It’s as if the entire Pyongyang government has no sense of … Continue reading

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Business-Friendly States Are Growing at the Expense of Those that Tax and Spend

Taxes matter for economic competitiveness. People and businesses often seek out lower tax burdens across state lines. Rich States, Poor States data shows states that keep taxes low, avoid job-killing over-regulation, and follow prudent budget practices consistently and significantly outperform … Continue reading

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