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New Hampshire to Get $1 Million in EpiPen Settlement

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — New Hampshire will be getting $1 million from EpiPen maker Mylan as part of a national settlement. The company this week finalized a $465 million federal agreement settling allegations it overbilled Medicaid for its emergency allergy injectors for … Continue reading

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‘Supremacy’ is the Goal of All Democrat Policies

The left is off the rails about White Supremacy which you should understand is a bit hypocritical. Not just because its roots in America spring from the Democrat Party. The problem is that while they are claiming outrage about white … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn: Epic Rant on Chelsea Clinton Comparing the Confederacy to “Lucifer”

| Source Page | SteynOnline

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Would Nashua Mayor Donchuss bring TSA-Style Searches to his choo-choo plan

One of their reasons is that rail is so much better than flying – just look at the comfy seats that are shown when Amtrack does its ads.  Sure looks like the lap of luxury, right? Easy-peezy, just buy your … Continue reading

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Police Department Creates Gang Prevention Unit

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — Police in the New Hampshire city of Manchester say they are cracking down on gang activity. The move comes after a fight at the Mall of New Hampshire in June that was recorded on surveillance video. Police say … Continue reading

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Dartmouth College Considers Selling Hanover Country Club

Athletics Director Harry Sheehy has written to alumni, parents, friends of Dartmouth Golf, members of the Hanover Country Club, and anyone else he can think of, to explain the possible sale of the HCC and its golf course. We should … Continue reading

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Labor Commissioner: The Telegraph of Nashua Is Being Investigated

CONCORD — The state Department of Labor has assigned an investigator to look into a complaint against The Telegraph of Nashua alleging the newspaper wrongly docked a worker’s pay, according to Labor Commissioner Ken Merrifield. Merrifield said a complaint was … Continue reading

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Judge: No Violation In Piermont Right-to-Know Case

North Haverhill — A Grafton County Superior Court judge has ruled against a former Piermont Selectboard member who last year accused fellow town officials of violating the state’s Right-to-Know law. Teran “Terri” Mertz filed a lawsuit in July 2016 accusing her … Continue reading

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New Poll Sheds Light On Millennial Attitudes Towards Historical Monuments

So who is behind this drive to scrub history and remove monuments that some in our society can’t emotionally deal with? Well, according to a recent Marist poll, it’s not the typical college student, or millennials, in general. Sure, the chaos … Continue reading

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New York Times Named After a City Named After a Slave-Trading Racist

The list of things the Democrats and their thugs must insist we change (remove, destroy) because “slavery” grows by the day. This time it’s New York. The State, the City, and everything else that sounds similar. | More… | GraniteGrok

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