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Obamacare rate hikes confirmed at 44 percent or higher

CONCORD — The federal government on Tuesday confirmed what many in New Hampshire have feared for months — premiums for individual health insurance policies sold on the Obamacare exchange at healthcare.gov will rise by 44 percent or more for coverage … Continue reading

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School Choice for NH: 2017 Highlights

2017 was very successful and lays the groundwork for more progress next year! We set an ambitious agenda and advanced on nearly every effort. Once again the game-changer was grassroots involvement and support. Engaged parents and citizens play a major … Continue reading

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Get Local NH Taxpayer Group Town Domain Names Cheap!!!

CNHT has been holding on to a list of abandoned or likely taxpayer or local activist group domain names by New Hampshire town. If you’ve considered starting or re-starting one or would like to hang on to an available name just in … Continue reading

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Trial begins for NH man charged with disorderly conduct at Alton selectmen’s meeting

Jeffrey Clay, 58, spoke on four separate occasions during the Feb. 22 selectmen’s meeting during which he was ultimately arrested by then Alton police officer Bill Tolios. Defense attorney Jared Bedrick told the judge he will move to dismiss the charges following … Continue reading

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2 men plead guilty to drug trafficking charges

Two New Hampshire men have pleaded guilty to federal charges of trafficking heroin and cocaine. Court documents say a state trooper saw 34-year-old Jason Brewer committing multiple motor vehicle violations while driving on Interstate 95 near the Hampton tolls in … Continue reading

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Voter Fraud Claims for Jenna Rackovan and Addressing ACLU’s Suit

Rich talked to Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers, for A Question of Voter Fraud. After hearing criticisms from Jenna Rackovan, who Ed previously called out as a fraudulent voter, Ed displayed the information that caused him … Continue reading

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Girard At Large: On Air News Read for August 2, 2017

The federal government published information on proposed rate increases for New Hampshire’s Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange for 2018, yesterday.  As expected it showed that consumers in the individual market will likely face increases of more than forty percent, which New Hampshire Insurance Commissioner Roger … Continue reading

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Donna Green: Seattle’s Pointless Legal Battle with Public Money

The very first right of the public to be infringed in floundering administrations is the public’s right to know what their government is doing. Unlike rational individuals spending their own money, public entities will take up hopeless legal battles in … Continue reading

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NH Pro-Marijuana Advocates Discuss Decriminalization Effort and Future Goals

The law was first introduced by Rep. Robert “Renny” Cushing, D-Hampton, and will go into effect on Sept. 16, making New Hampshire the last state in New England to decriminalize possession of marijuana. Matt Simon, the New England Political Director … Continue reading

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Maggie Hassan Suddenly Concerned About the Independence of the FBI

“In the wake of President Trump’s abrupt firing of former FBI Director James Comey and the President’s own suggestion that he fired Comey because of the FBI’s ongoing investigation into the Trump campaign and Russian interference in the 2016 election, … Continue reading

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