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New TSA rule: All electronics must go in screening bins

What do cameras, e-readers, Game Boys, tablets, CPAP machines, DVD players and Barbie B-Books have in common? They are all electronics that go on vacation and must now join laptops in the security checkpoint bins. Since July, travelers at 10 … Continue reading

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Would Nashua Mayor Donchuss bring TSA-Style Searches to his choo-choo plan

One of their reasons is that rail is so much better than flying – just look at the comfy seats that are shown when Amtrack does its ads.  Sure looks like the lap of luxury, right? Easy-peezy, just buy your … Continue reading

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TSA Agents in Boston Screen Live Lobster, Allow it to Fly

Transportation Security Administration agents at Logan Airport’s Terminal C in Boston snapped to attention Sunday, when they came across a live 20-pound lobster lurking in a cooler among the checked luggage. “The lobster was screened and allowed to continue on … Continue reading

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