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Mark Steyn: Lutey Tunes

Apologies to all my readers: Last week I carelessly wrote about President Trump’s Warsaw speech as if the words therein corresponded to the definitions ascribed to them by Oxford, Webster’s or any other English dictionary. My mistake. Apparently the plain meaning of … Continue reading

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Sununu Signs SB 3 Voter Registration “Reform” into Law

Gov. Chris Sununu has signed a voter registration reform bill into law that Republicans say will protect the integrity of elections and Democrats call blatant voter suppression. The bill targets what supporters label a domicile loophole for eligible voters. It … Continue reading

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Comey back in hot seat over leaked memos

The NY Times breathlessly reported yesterday that Donald Trump, Jr. and others involved in the Trump campaign met with a Russian lawyer who got the meeting by claiming she had damaging information on Hillary Clinton. So the Trump people did what any … Continue reading

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College moves on from LGBTQ director suspicious of ‘white gays and well meaning white women’

I wonder if he’s talking about Ray Buckley (white-gay) or Sherry Frost and if the latter does that make her homicidal too? The Claremont Colleges are looking for a new Queer Resources Center director after tweets disparaging white people and the … Continue reading

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Trump cancels Obama’s special immigration program for foreign entrepreneurs

The Trump administration put a hold Monday on an Obama-era policy that was designed to encourage foreign entrepreneurs to settle in the U.S. to build their companies, saying immigration officials are already overwhelmed with more important work. It’s the latest … Continue reading

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Michael Mann Refuses to Give his Hockey Stick Data to the Court

Michael Mann sued some folks, Tim Ball, Mark Steyn, and National Review because they “made fun” of his hockey stick. The Canadian court (where he is suing Tim Ball) would like to see the hockey stick data so it can review … Continue reading

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The New State Budget’s in Effect, But Contract for State Workers Remains Unresolved

The new state budget may be in effect, but one issue still unresolved is a contract for state employees. Governor Sununu says he’d welcome a deal but it may not happen. Negotiations between the Sununu administration and the five unions … Continue reading

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